CLEAR Peninsula 3620
CLEAR Peninsula 3620
CLEAR Peninsula 3620

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CLEAR Peninsula 3620

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Cinematic In Every Sense

Aquascaping has never been more beautiful and simplified. The CLEAR is designed thoughtfully with the freshwater and planted aquarium enthusiast in mind.

Straight-Edged Clear Silicone

Utilizing a straight-edging technique, all silicone seams have exceptional strength and a clean appearance.

Self-Leveling Mat

Includes a pre-seated, self-leveling foam mat, which keeps your aquarium level on uneven surfaces and reduces tension on the glass.


Next Level Stability

Waterbox Furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our true first in class cabinetry and finishes.

Soft-Close Doors

PVC coated hinges with soft close doors.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.

Push-Open Doors

Recessed push-open hardware.

Plywood Construction

Strength and stability with solid plywood construtction.


Technical Specifications

Product Model CLEAR 2420 CLEAR 3620 CLEAR PENINSULA 3620 CLEAR 4820 CLEAR PENINSULA 4820 CLEAR 6025 CLEAR 7225
Aquarium Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
600 x 500 x 450mm 900 x 500 x 450mm 900 x 500 x 450mm 1200 x 500 x 500mm 1200 x 500 x 500mm 1536 x643 x 550mm 1836 x 643 x 600mm
23.4"×19.7"×17.7" 35.4"×19.7"×17.7" 35.4"×19.7"×17.7" 47.2"×19.7"×19.7" 47.2"×19.7"×19.7" 60.5"×25.3"×21.7" 72.3"×25.3"×23.6"
Glass Thickness 8mm (5/16") 10mm (2/5") 10mm (2/5") 12mm (1/2") 12mm (1/2") 15mm (3/5″) 19mm (3/4")
Aquarium Volume 125 L/33 gals 186 L/49.1 gals 186 L/49.1 gals 273 L/72.2 gals 273 L/72.2 gals 494 L/130.5 gals 632 L/167 gals
Glass Material Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91%
EVA Mat 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Cabinet Cabinet Model PW2420 PW3620 PWD 3620 PW4820 PWD 4820 UV/UVD 6025 UV/UVD 7225
(Length x Width x Height)
600 x 500 x 900mm 900 x 500 x 900mm 900 x 500 x 1000mm 1200 x 500 x 900mm 1200 x 500 x 1000mm 1536 x 643 x 900mm 1836 x 643 x 900mm
23.4"×19.7"×35.4" 35.4"×19.7"×35.4" 35.4"×19.7"×39.4" 47.2"×19.7"×35.4" 47.2"×19.7"×39.4" 60.5"×25.3"×35.4" 72.3"×25.3"×35.4"
Material 18mm solid plywood
Color W-White, B-Black, O-Oak
System Height with Cabinet 1350mm/53.1" 1350mm/53.1" 1450mm/57.1" 1400mm/55.1" 1500mm/59.1" 1450mm/57.1" 1500mm/59.1"
Aquarium Weight 41.9lbs (19kg) 92.6lbs (42kg)   153.2lbs (69.5kg)   339.5lbs (154kg) 462lbs (210kg)


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